A BBQ Birthday Bash
Saturday, June 29th, 2013
A surprise birthday celebration with all of the fixings for a great BBQ.  Smoked local ribs, mac-n-cheese, baked beans, cucumber and tomato salad, deviled eggs, and corn bread with honey butter were on the menu.  The drink menu included summer ales and hard cider, sparkling wines, and hard lavender blueberry lemonade.  Iced tea with mint and lavender simple syrups was available for all of the non drinkers.  
A cigar station was available for anyone that wanted to linger over a good stogie.  
All of the ied beverages were displayed in a wheelbarrow and stayed super cold on the
 hot June day.  

Menus listed all of the offerings and a stone pot held ice for the tea and hard lemonades.

Colorful buckets lined with parchment aper were on each table to hold discarded rib bones.  Floral arrangements of summer sunflowers were on all of the tables as well.  

A variety of toasts were on all of the tables to encourage guests to raise a glass to the birthday boy.  

The home has a beautiful pool in the backyard and colorful buckets held beach towels and a variety of sunscreen and bug spray for anyone wanting to swim.

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